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Allan Wood just got back from the UK, & caught-up with one Jim CAWSTON
a Pom who got caught-up in the draft & did his time in 4RAR Trackers, ('68-69), returning to the old Dart as soon as he got out in mid-'69, never to return here.

The photo above taken on 26 Oct.2003 may be of interest to other ex-4RAR trackers who remember Jimmy.
That's him on the left, me on the right.
Al. Wood.

Above : EDD Kylie is lowered into the boarding craft from the HMAS Diamantina in preparation of a search for weapons and ammunition aboard the vessel of interest, a fishing boat called the "Belama". (Ontong Java 2 Oct 2003).

Above: SPR Ellis and EDD Bailey conduct a training search on a route south of Henderson Airport, Guadalcanal, in pouring tropical rain.

Above: John Howard meets EDD Buster, SPR Grazier, and SPR Ellis at Red Beach (Aug 2003.)

This picture was taken at the Red Beach Guadalcanal during the handover between 1CER and 2CER (April 2004).
It represents the largest number of Engineer EDD ever deployed overseas at the same time in the single theatre.
Left to right - EDD's Kylie, Digger, Jeb, Bolt, Aussie, Bob, Clyde and Mandy.

Taken at the Australian / New Zealand war memorial on Anzac Day 2004.
From Left to right - CPL James, EDD Bob, SPR Dunn, EDD Jeb, SPR Le Leivere, EDD Aussie, SPR Malcomson, EDD Digger, SPR Skinner, EDD Bolt, and CPL Hoy, EDD > Kylie.

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