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Apollo was trained at Infantry Centre Ingelburn in the early 1970's and then posted to 2RAR Townsville when they returned from Vietnam.
He stayed with the battalion until it linked to form 2/4RAR this meant there were now 4 dogs in the battalion.
After one very long exercise , Apollo was to be sent overseas for service with the Singapore Army.
Apollo was handed over to Infantry Centre which had then moved to Singleton.

Apollo & Warwick Morris

"Spike" real name "Thor" was the other dog that was posted to 2RAR with Apollo
His handler was Tim Carroll.
Spike served with 2/4RAR until he died in the mid 70s from a tick after an exercise near Cairns.
He is buried behind SPT COY HQ 2RAR Townsville.

Tim Carrol & "Johno" Johnson

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